Business Mentors Finland is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through mentorship. We are a national network of experienced entrepreneurs and business managers. We offer our competence and experience to support Finnish small business owners in solving their business challenges.

As our client, you will get help with analyzing your business environment and its challenges. Together with your mentor you will decide on your business goals and you will get help in evaluating different action plans to achieve your goals.

Your Business Mentor acts as your sparring partner and supports your decision making. All discussions with your mentor are confidential and the process will proceed according to your needs and conditions. You are in charge, making all the decisions and responsible for executing them. Your mentor will stand by your side opening new questions and supporting you in looking for answers.

Your mentor will have only the interest of your business in mind. He will not act in any other role such as board member, financier or business partner. He will also not act as mentor to any other company in your field of business. All business mentor services are based on voluntary work by the mentor and free of charge for you.


Business Mentors Finland is a nationwide association with more than one thousand members. All members have a sincere aim to support Finnish small business owners succeed in their business. As we support individual businesses we at the same time promote economic activity and help create growth and new job opportunities.

Business Mentors Finland operates regionally and the local operators are responsible for customer service and recruiting new mentors. You will find the regional key persons in your area under contacts 


If you have a running business with a Finnish Y-code you can apply for a mentor. All you need to do is complete the request form. You will then be contacted by your local operator in your region to discuss your needs. The operator will thereafter pair you with the right mentor to answer your questions and help your small business thrive.  If you wish to discuss about your case before applying, Please take contact to your local key operator.

The values and the ethical rules of Business Mentors Finland